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Gold Coast Fitness provides group classes, including Zumba Gold and seated sessions, to older adults of all physical abilities.  Classes are easy-to-follow, low-impact, and set to music

Wherever you're located, Gold Coast Fitness offers on-site instructor-led classes at your facility. 

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Our group fitness sessions, which include activities like Zumba Gold and chair yoga, are carefully designed to accommodate a diverse range of physical abilities. These programs are specifically tailored for seniors aged 55 and older, extending to those over 100 years of age. Our participants come from a wide range of backgrounds, including individuals who are in excellent physical condition, as well as those who are navigating various physical and cognitive challenges. Our instructors provide on-site services at our clients’ locations, which encompass 55+ communities, assisted living facilities, adult day care centers, memory care residences, and more.

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Continuing Care Retirement Communities

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Skilled Nursing 

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55 Plus Communities

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of class participation:

Benefits of class participation:

Fitness programs exclusively for older adults offer community and connection at a time when those things have become more challenging. To understand just how impactful these group classes are, you need only ask a participant about their experience. You’re likely to hear words like, “community,” “fun,” “life-changing” and even “life-saving”

The modern-day understanding of health goes beyond just physical well-being. Especially for seniors, exercise classes also emphasize mental health, social activity and improving daily life functionality.


Physical Health Boost

Participation in group-based exercise programs can be invaluable for a senior’s physical health. Such sessions foster heart health, amplify muscle strength and enhance flexibility. Regular involvement not only aids in maintaining an optimal body composition but also fortifies the defenses against chronic diseases. As various studies in sports medicine and public health suggest, “exercise is the best medicine,” and its consistent inclusion in daily life ensures that older adults can savor a life rich in vitality and well-being.


Enhancing Mental and Physical Health & Wellbeing

The connection between physical activity and mental health is undeniable. Engaging in group fitness classes offers seniors more than just a physical challenge. It stimulates cognitive function, promoting mental agility. Additionally, the shared experience of group exercise combats feelings of loneliness and fosters a sense of achievement. With every session, seniors not only fortify their muscles but also nourish their minds.


Strengthening Social Connections

In an age where many older adults often feel isolated, group exercises emerge as a beacon of social support. These sessions provide seniors with a unique space to connect, share, and build bonds. It’s more than just fitness; it’s about belonging to a community that cheers for each member’s success and lends a hand during challenges.


Improvement in Functional Abilities

Daily life is composed of countless small tasks that, over time, may pose challenges for seniors. Thankfully, group exercises, when done consistently, can significantly enhance functional ability. Activities that once seemed daunting—like carrying groceries or enjoying a playful moment with grandchildren—become more accessible, ensuring seniors can embrace the joy of independent living

It’s time to live golden.



"I go every week and absolutely love it."

Norma B

“It’s fun and very energizing. And this is coming from someone who never went to any sort of exercise class before retirement!" 

Jack K

“I love it. I found the gym a bit lonely but having fun in a Gold Coast Fitness class is just great."

Vera B

“I went from completely frozen to moving again, if only for a half hour. What a mood lifter too! “

Claire C

Gold Coast Fitness is dedicated to providing a fun, safe and consistent fitness solution to your facility.
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What are on-site senior fitness classes?

Gold Coast Fitness offers music-infused exercise classes, including  Zumba Gold and seated sessions,, tailored for older adults ranging from 55 to 100 years old. The intensity and complexity of choreography in classes vary depending on the average participant age, with sessions featuring an average age of 55-60 focusing on more advanced routines compared to those where the average age is in the 90s.

On-site senior fitness classes are open to seniors with a wide range of physical abilities. They are suitable for highly fit individuals as well as those managing conditions such as arthritis, Alzheimer’s, dementia, stroke recovery, osteoporosis, individuals with prosthetics, Parkinson’s, and those who depend on walking aids or wheelchairs.

Our on-site senior fitness classes, including Zumba Gold, are thoughtfully crafted to include a variety of exercises and activities that promote strength, flexibility, balance, and overall well-being. Each class is tailored to the specific needs of the participants, ensuring a safe and effective workout.

Our fitness classes are led by specialized and licensed instructors who have expertise in working with older adults. These instructors are trained to provide guidance and support that is suitable for seniors with various physical conditions.

On-site senior fitness classes are held in a variety of settings to make them accessible to seniors where they live or receive care. This includes residential homes, assisted living communities, nursing and rehabilitation centers, and adult day health centers.

To get more information about our on-site senior fitness classes or to schedule a class, please contact our team. We can provide you with details on pricing, availability, and how to get started.

Yes, our fitness classes are designed to be safe and beneficial for seniors with specific medical conditions. Our instructors are trained to adapt exercises to accommodate individual needs and ensure a safe workout environment.

The frequency of classes may vary depending on the location and demand. We can provide you with information about the class schedule and availability when you contact us.

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